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Good Lord Almighty... where can I get one of these?! I just had to pin this :)

I don't know who he is but I love cowboys. Especially when they are shirtless.

well hello cowboys! idk if all cowboys look like this but god bless their parents :)

I mean sure i'd be fine with him walkin around in my backyard..

Cowboy.. The thing I like about this is you have no idea what he looks like..what race what color what religion.. all you know is he's a cowboy.

Farm kids agree there is no better way to grow up than working beside your family and learning the value of hard work. I loved growing up on a farm! Values of hard work ethics are priceless, especially when started young and critiqued with age.

Montana Cowboys - it's all about Wranglers and Levi's.....and those sneak peaks of jeans through the chaps! :)