Homemade laundry detergent powder! I've been wanting to try this and this tutorial looks pretty simple

Homemade Laundry Detergent Chart

Making Your Own Laundry Detergent: 25 Recipes , Blissful 55′s Homemade Laundry Detergent

☛ BY POPULAR DEMAND: Green your laundry PART III : Stay away from toxic and harmful chemicals and make YOUR OWN LAUNDRY DETERGENTS. They are perfect for HE washers: Use 1 tablespoon per load. GREEN YOUR LAUNDRY PART I AND II: http://www.stepintomygreenworld.com/healthyliving/around-the-home/green-laundry/ ✒ Share | Like | Re-pin | Comment

14 homemade soap recipes

Homemade recipes for Windex, Pledge, Febreeze, and bathroom cleaner.

Homemade Laundry Soap Even HE safe and Fabric Softner-- For 64 loads of laundry soap it costs 0.92 to make that's 0.014 a load. For 202 loads of fabric softener it cost 1.26 to make that is $.006 per load! A grand total of 2 cents per load of laundry! Oh and under a hour to make both, I can handle that! :)

DIY liquid laundry detergent - a recipe that actually doesn't make 10 gallons at a time - perfect! And I love her finishing touches with the hook and measuring scoop!

Pretty Cool!

I an repinning this cause my house smells soooo good because of this. Melt Downy Unstopables in a scentsy pot to make your house smell like laundry.

DIY Laundry Detergent | How Does She...

Why Not Sew?: How to Make Homemade Laundry Detergent

Dugger Family homemade laundry soap. My friend says it works in her front loader pretty well. Gotta make this!

Homemade laundry detergent. I have friends that tried this and won't use anything else. They say it smells fantastic. -- new recipe

Easy Homemade Laundry Detergent Soap Recipe Status Of My Heart

Homemade Lavender Laundry Detergent

trial size homemade detergent

trial size homemade detergent

homemade dishwasher detergent for spot free dishes, cleaning tips, homesteading, To learn more about the ingredients visit

Homemade Liquid Laundry Detergent, Less than $2 for 5 Gallons!