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  • Amy McManus

    Fisher Price Record Player. This was a genius concept - it's basically a music box that can play different songs. The "records" were plastic discs with strategically placed plastic bumps that twanged different metal strips on the "needle" to play the tune. . .my sister had this

  • Susan St. Martin

    Fisher Price Record Player. I loved this as a kid! I remember trying to speed the thing up to make the songs play momentarily faster. Yeah, I'm no DJ.

  • Danielle Danielle

    No seriously!!!!!!! i totally remember this! my sis and i had one!!!!! no seriously! Fisher Price Record Player: Originally produced in 1971, this classic is back, complete with 5 "records" ...I LOVED this when I was a kid, I thought it was *SO* cool.

  • Stacie Wong

    Fisher Price Record Player - brings back those childhood memories

  • Pamela Howard

    Fisher Price Record Player...during the 70's & 80s I totally had one!

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