Telephone switchboard

Telephone Operator

Switchboard operators-1952. This is exactly what my Gramma was doing in 1952. She was an operator for BC Telephone Company for 25 years, then a switchboard operator for the Pacific National Exhibition after that for about 10 years.

Monarch Switchboard - - Antique Telephone Information

Reel to Reel Player/Recorder.

Row of Phone Booths

the "Brick" cell phone...hahaha!

I went with a friend to Disneyland for the 4th of July celebration. We wore tee shirts with US flag.

When the phone rang you didn't know who was calling until you answered.

Fun 'Pay Phone' Wall Phone

Mimeograph Machine--for making purple copies ... I remember using this and having my hands all purple.

Cash Register just like the one I used at the Emporium in San Rafael in 1973. it was manual and non-computerized.

Shorthand was taught in school.

Lipstick Tubes

Rotary Phones!


Operation Board Game. The loud buzzing noise made me jump every time! Ugh.

Remember these...on top of wall to wall carpeting? ACK!

Rotary dial pay phone. Operators could tell how much money you deposited by the tone that each type of coin made

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these were everywhere back in the day