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Reuse an old tree to make a log pathway in your garden! this is amazing.

cable spool

Toothbrush and towel holder out of a mason jar, fence post, and doorknob! This is pretty cool!!! If you are like me, you hate stuff sitting on the vanity, this is a pretty easy solution^Jitin

DIY monogram iPhone case - Griffin Reveal case, design, print, trace and exacto knife! Change it up at anytime!

One day I will build this^Jitin

5 awesome uses for your old action figures^Jitin


cute DIY

I like to work in a messy environment, but people like significant others don't always like to see the mess, here is a good way to hide it^Jitin

Please someone tell me I can make this^Jitin Indoor / MANOTECA - Italian handmade pezzo unico

Repurposed teak range, not pallets, but inspiring none the less.

Do I have to be a dad to have this for Father's Day ^Jitin Pair it with our StudioConnect and you can be a Renaissance Dad store.griffintech... USB typewriter for dad to work on his novel in style

I can't knock on this wood, or Don't knock it till you try it^Jitin www.griffintechno... Sub Wood Unique

is this awesome or a^Jitin

I've heard about cork flooring, but wine cork flooring! I image it was way more fun collecting materials^jitin Wine-cork flooring