A matriarchy is a society in which females, especially mothers, have the central roles of political leadership, moral authority, and control of property. The male equivalent is a patriarchy. http://www.pinterest.com/maggiemermaid/spirituality-~-native-american-indians-~/

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Floyd Red Crow Westerman

You must teach your children that the ground beneath their feet is the ashes of our grandfathers. So that they will respect the land, tell your children that the earth is rich with the lives of our kin. Teach your children that we have taught our children that the earth is our mother. Whatever befalls the earth befalls the sons of earth. If men spit upon the ground, they spit upon themselves. - Chief Seattle

Einstein was always a hero of mine - this one is a nice quote that fits perfectly with my Smart to Wise concept

PFC Lori Piestewa. Piestewa was the first Native American woman in history to die in combat while serving with the U.S. military and the first woman in the U.S. armed forces killed in the 2003 invasion of Iraq. Arizona's Piestewa Peak is named in her honor.

Water is life's medium and Mother. There is no life without water, U.S. Army Veteran SPC Yellowhorse---Daughter of the water: To'hani Clan Navajo

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Black Elk, holy man of the Oglala Sioux

"You can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world, and there's still going to be somebody who hates peaches." - Dita Von Teese #Quote

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10 QUOTES FROM A SIOUX INDIAN CHIEF THAT WILL MAKE YOU QUESTION EVERYTHING ABOUT MODERN CULTURE -- Luther Standing Bear was a Sioux Indian Chief who occupied the rift between the native and white man's worlds. Here are some of his words on both.

Randy’L He-dow Teton (born 1976) is the Shoshone woman who posed as the model for the US Sacagawea dollar coin, first issued in 2000. She is the first Native American woman to pose for an American coin and the only living person whose image appears on American currency


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White Belly, (Sioux) - One of the first people native to North America to be photographed.

Crow man 1883 Native American Indian - Old photos

Swallow Bird, a Crow Indian in Montana. It was taken in 1908 by Edward S. Curtis.

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