Albino seal pup

Albino Raccoon family

So sad and cute

Sad Face

Harp Seal pup

Seal Pup cuteness overload!

Sad pandas

Orphan Albino Seal Pup!! Now without his mother, the baby albino fur seal will be kept out of the public spotlight and will be hand-fed by zoo workers. by Caroline Seidel

seal pup

Albino Peacock

Northern elephant seal pup

In love with this pup!


The ''Ghost bird'' an albino Raven believed to be a spirit guardian in Native American folklore - such a handsome/beautiful bird.

Zoo cares for orphaned baby albino seal after mom dies - Animal Tracks



Fox pup

good sit, little pup

Foca albina rechazada por su madre por ser "demasiado fea" - Rare albino seal shunned by her mother for being 'too ugly' nursed back to health at rescue centre