Sandra Cinto coming soon to the Olympic Sculpture park (not far from Hotel Max!).

sandra cintos mural at the seattle art museum via gblog

Untitled Iole de Freitas Brazil 2010

eye benches-Olympic Sculpture Park

cardboard crystals lydia_shirreff


Handcut Seattle Map

Construction Sandra Cinto Brasile 2006

Thread Installations by Gabriel Dawe via designsponge #Sculpture #Installation #Gabriel_Dawe #Thread_Installation #designsponge

Hans Haacke. "Condensation Cube." We talked about this in my museum exhibition class. This piece interacts with its environment, as more condensation would appear on the glass if the room is crowded, and less if the room is emptier.

Alberto Seveso / Photographs of ink in water


Lygia Clark

Witness Saint Clair Cemin Brazil 2008

Sem título Sandra Cinto Brasile 2013



water in a frame

Not sure what to do with sea glass? Collect it, keep it, turn it into art, a la Jonathon Fuller

Two columns for one bubble light Ernesto Neto Brazil 2007

Shayna Leib continues to reach new heights in her multi-faceted career as an artist and teacher. She takes aquatic life forms as her primary focus of inspiration for her colorful and evocative art works.