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Even if the person isn't worthy of your tears, sometimes you just can't stop them, but I like to think they're just an outlet -a reaction -kind of like hives.

Make an inference. (image only)

Critical thinking-- Just because it is in print doesn't make it true!

Surprise Artblog The White Rabbit: a fun way for all ages to discover the wonders of contemporary art. Just click the rabbit to find the most amazing and inspiring artworks..... (Example: unreal spaces by Leandro Ehrlivh)

“Non-sign” an installation piece by Lead Pencil Studio, located near the border between the U.S. and Canada.

Pretty image. We like educate people in culture. We will show this picture to our students to improve their knowledge. Get more details at www.elprofeacasa....

Cultivating Curiosity in Our Students as a Catalyst for Learning | Faculty Focus

When Modern Teenagers Interpret Classic Art…

French Toast / Short Animation Movie You use your SCHEMA (what you already know / your prior knowledge) and EVIDENCE (observations / clues) to make an INFERENCE. Your assignment is to watch the film but pause to infer at 1:50, 3:35, 4:25, and 6:24. What do you think will happen? What can you Predict?

Takanori Herai. Geometric patterns of obscure meaning fill sheets of note paper, a bundle of nearly 1,000 sheets of which is loosely tied with a black string. According to the staff of the residential facility where Herai lives. "The patterns are actually words. This is his diary." This diary is written on both sides of the paper, and aside from the dates and temperature for each day, the content is exactly the same.

Wabi Sabi is the ancient Japanese wisdom of finding beauty in imperfection and simplicity in nature, of accepting the natural cycles of growth, decay, and death. Enjoying the simple, natural, and uncluttered, Wabi Sabi reveres authenticity above all. It celebrates cracks, chips, and other marks of time, weather, and use.

Information about art therapy and autism, how art therapy helps people with autism, and how people with autism use art therapy.

A Digital worksheet is still a worksheet by Tom Whitby

Art is good. Great advocacy poster. #arttherapy support the arts

8 Levels of (Human/Social) Systems something to think about ... Systems Thinking