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NoMo at Envoy Inc. In Omaha talking some monkey biz. #smacancer

Kathy Broniecki and Sally Morrissey at Envoy Inc. We talked some major monkey business. #smacancer

Me and newly sized Phoenix CREATE He's so cute. The awesome Lisa Waddell at CREATE has altered our pattern and downsized the SMAC! monkeys. #smacancer

NoMo and Phoenix hanging with the awesome Bev Colan. Woot! #smacancer

NoMo - All Cancer Fighting Monkey - $23.99 | SMAC! Sock Monkeys Against Cancer

Alannah and NoMo the all cancer-fighting SMAC! monkey!! #cancer #SMACancer #beatcancer $23.99

It's World Cancer Day. In the land of "SMAC! Sock Monkeys Against Cancer", it's World Cancer Day EVERY DAY!! While we may not have a cure, there is something we CAN do about this disease: Provide comfort to those with/impacted by cancer. Today would be a great day to GIVE a cancer-crushing companion to someone who needs it....and contribute to cancer research at the same time. Spread the SMAC! GIVING feels sooooo good. ♥♥ #WorldCancerDay #SMACancer #Cancer #endcancer

They are here! Giving No Mo and Phoenix lots of love before sending them to their forever homes. Give someone you love with/impacted by #cancer a SMAC! monkey for some love & comfort through their journey. Order here: #SMACancer #beatcancer

Angel wanted to help out her teacher who has cancer. So, she got him a SMAC! monkey. SHE also got a surprise SMAC! monkey too. From Angel's Mom: "Thank you for making this possible, Angel feels as if she's along side with Mr Carney via there monkeys xo." #cancer #beatcancer #SMACancer $23.99

Holy craptastic. Just sent off my SMAC! monkey prototypes to China. The bill? $163.00. But, more than worth it. #smacancer

Every single SMAC! monkey has been counted. All 1,000! They are ready to help those with #cancer SMAC! it. #SMACancer. Can order at