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Oh Great Spirit who made all races. Look kindly upon the whole human family and take away the arrogance and hatred which separate us from our brothers. —Cherokee Prayer [Artwork by Charles Frizzell]

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Haunting photos of the lost tribes of America by Edward Curtis

Cherokee Mother and Child.

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Native American Gods and Goddesses

American Indian glad English people reformed us and taught us to pray properly. (Insert sarcasm here).

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The Seven Clans of the Cherokee

Cherokee Indian Symbols | The Seven Clans of the Cherokee-Jess was of the "Wolf" clan. <3 L

Lakota Virtues. I wonder how the country would be if Native Americans with their true values, virtues, whatever we call them, were in charge.

Native American Nations. Many have "break off" Tribes. Example~ the Apache have > the White Mountain Apache, the Muscalero Apache, the Lipan Apache, etc.