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    Pencil Shading Drawings | Pencil Drawing Shading Techniques Pictures

    value project with geometric design

    Color Me Pretty! ways to explore shades and tints. pretty patterns, doodles, collections.

    white, wonderful..awww. White represents the future and you don't know what the future holds like the door lock

    value scale

    Domino Artwork with free pdf plans for educators...

    paper curl

    Jan Albers, 2011 graphite on oak

    Painting Values: 3rd grade students learned about value of colors. We added white and black to our paint to make tints and shades of each color. We finished our project by adding our own unique doodles to make designs on our paper.

    map bike tints and shades

    Graffiti Letter A

    Lesson On Perspective, Value, and Depth.

    Thorough art lessons

    tints and shades?

    lovely way to teach tints

    gradation piece. each student makes a strip, pull them all together.

    pick a shape to trace, one layer lightest, two layers medium, etc.

    i want to have art lessons in the classroom. this is a 1st grade project, but i think it could happen.

    Daily Prompt Value study

    7th grade value scale

    stained glass/tints/shades...for the older group.

    Painted squares for background-tints and shades


    Abstracted Name in Tonal Values