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I dream of finding a cheap ticket to somewhere outside of my comfort zone, packing lightly and fully immersing myself and letting myself be open to a new perspective and understanding of not only the world, but of myself. That is true travel :)

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5 Travel Quotes to Feed Your Sense of Wanderlust. Whether you’re an avid traveler who’s never without a suitcase, or a homebody searching for a momentary escape from your daily routine, these quotes will speak to your sense of wanderlust...

This sign best describes what goes on in the mind of our 11 y.o. We as parents try to look at the world through his eyes as often as we can. We push those limits along with him, straining our adult minds for clarity in his imaginary world. We learn from him what a wonderful place this can be. His ADD may be a hindrance to some but to us it has been the ultimate adventure.