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not a big fan of skull tattoos but this is beautiful especially loving ...

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Little arm tattoos

I love this because people always put down people with depression or that suffer from the after effects of it. This shows that we aren't victims in an illness and we fight for our lives fir happiness. This is a tattoo I will get. Maybe my inner arm as a daily reminder.

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Something like this but instead with lillies and forget me nots on the back of my arm for my sleeve.

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"Forgiven" in Hebrew -- i want this on one wrist and "Loved" on the other & i love the idea of having them in Hebrew, but i'd probably have it in English so people can actually read what it says (here in US anyways, where i live <3 )


Color wheel tattoo, this one has amazing coloring. color tattoo | forearm tattoo | arm tattoo | tattoo ideas | tattoo inspiration

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"I am not afraid, I was Born to do this." Arm tattoo.


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