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  • Jennifer Putnam

    Nichols. Mexican folk art. @thetweedsuitcase

  • Olga Dlv

    I want to make my own! In Mexican & South American cultures, small, decorated boxes called "nichos" are commonly found in home & public places, displayed on walls or pedestals. Made from wood or tin & often painted with bright colors, they provide a stage-like setting for an object or collection of objects that have great significance. Most commonly functioning as an alter for a religious icon, a Nicho can also serve as a memorial to a loved one or as a reminder of an important event.

  • Kristina Grisham

    Shadow boxes to show off your DOD skellies

  • Mercia Merino de Medeiros

    Mexican tin art ~ We offer a beautiful selection of Authentic Mexican Art at

  • Caro Sol

    ✢ STYLE ✢ Viva Mexico | mexican tin art

  • Nance

    Mexico Art

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These unpainted hearts are at mexican import stores..make it into.a in it..go crazy with.the.painting:-)

and the bowls just multiplied and multiplied holding enough wisdom for all the guests....

La Pistola y El Corazon. Miniature matchbox nicho shrine with nod toward colonial mexican art and the whimsical. comprised of the following: acrylic paint, crackle paint, matchbox, screws, bolts, rusting agent, religious ephemera, charms, wood, brass findings, clock coil and wheel.

Hand Painted Mexican Tin Nicho

Textiles Mexicanos! The shorts I would make with these!!!

Love traditional Mexican art. So weird yet so colorful.

Example for Nicho project - pattern/theme repeated on frame (Tin shrine for Day of the Dead)

love the rustic/folk art painted feel................................... Large sacred heart Mexican tin nicho

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