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Very excited. We had a successful test run of shipping the SMAC! monkey prototypes from the factory, to my fulfillment center, and now to my home. They arrived just a few minutes ago. Yay. Delivery of the monkeys will take place at the end of April/early May. Don't have one? Well, you can pre-order right here: #SMACancer #cancer #beatcancer #lungcancer SMAC! on my friends.

Pre-order Your SMAC! Monkey. #cancer #smacancer #beatcancer

You can now pre-order your SMAC! monkey!! Phoenix, (the red & black monkey) is the #lungcancer fighting SMAC! monkey. He is more than ready to help those with/impacted by lung cancer SMAC! it with lots of love. Pre-order here: #cancer #SMACancer

Wahoooo! "SMAC! Sock Monkeys Against Cancer" are getting closer to YOUR DOOR! Here is SMAC! monkey prototype, Phoenix (the #lungcancer fighting monkey) lovingly packaged in a see-through bag. What a fun way to receive a SMAC! monkey, right? So, hang in there. Delivery from the factory is slated for May. Then, once they get sent to Omaha, Nebraska, I will be shipping them directly to your door to help those with #cancer SMAC! it. You can pre-order your SMAC! monkey here:

Let's SMAC! Lung Cancer. Phoenix, the lung cancer SMAC! monkey. In addition to the awesome illustrations of NoMo the SMAC! monkey, the amazing Ann Troe, has now created these sassy illustrations of Phoenix. Love him...and love her work. Will be putting all illustrations on merchandise soon to help pay for launch of SMAC! monkey line. Yay. Like Anne's work? Of course you do. You can find her here:

Kari and Melissa have their SMAC! on. They love that SMAC! monkeys NoMo and Phoenix help those with/impacted by cancer SMAC! that dang disease with lots of love, comfort and major monkey mojo. Have someone in your life who could use a SMAC! monkey? You can easily pre-order right here. SMAC! on friends. SMAC! on!

Every single SMAC! monkey has been counted. All 1,000! They are ready to help those with #cancer SMAC! it. #SMACancer. Can order at

Wahoooo! All 1,000 SMAC! monkeys have arrived at my front door. Now, we work like mad to get these little guys mailed out. Look out #cancer, NoMo & Phoenix have officially been unleashed!!!! (Need to order a SMAC! ya go: #SMACancer #beatcancer #endcancer #startup

"Let's SMAC! Cancer." I am sooooo excited. Look what my friend Ann Troe did with NoMo. She created these amazing illustrations of the SMAC! ringleader. I love them! Plan to put the illustrations on merchandise so people can start SMAC-ing! cancer while the SMAC! monkey line gets ready to launch! Like Ann's work? She can help you too. Find her here: