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Explore Lung Cancer, Smac Monkeys Arrive, and more!

The SMAC! Monkeys are here....finally delivered to my garage. "Phoenix" is the lung cancer fighting SMAC! monkey. He's more than ready to go to work. You can order a SMAC! monkey here: #lungcancer

Kari and Melissa have their SMAC! on. They love that SMAC! monkeys NoMo and Phoenix help those with/impacted by cancer SMAC! that dang disease with lots of love, comfort and major monkey mojo. Have someone in your life who could use a SMAC! monkey? You can easily pre-order right here. SMAC! on friends. SMAC! on!

Yay! You can now pre-order your SMAC! monkey!! Sock Monkeys Against Cancer are ready to help those with/impacted by cancer SMAC! it with lots of love. Pre-order here: #cancer #SMACancer

The SMAC! monkeys will be given to cancer patients at the Nebraska Medical Center during the crowdfunding campaign (to raise funds to bring these little guys to life). Not only are we SMAC-ing cancer, but GIVING at the same time - with my "One SMAC! = Two" business model...meaning, when you buy a SMAC! monkey, one will be given to another person impacted by cancer. So, those who pledge during the campaign will have the opportunity to put this model into action.

Let's SMAC! Lung Cancer. Phoenix, the lung cancer SMAC! monkey. In addition to the awesome illustrations of NoMo the SMAC! monkey, the amazing Ann Troe, has now created these sassy illustrations of Phoenix. Love him...and love her work. Will be putting all illustrations on merchandise soon to help pay for launch of SMAC! monkey line. Yay. Like Anne's work? Of course you do. You can find her here:

My name is NoMo - the ALL #cancer fighting SMAC! monkey. I help those with/impacted by cancer SMAC! it with luv, comfort and monkey mojo! You can adopt me at <3

Yay WTF-ers! My daughters and I open the very first box of SMAC! monkeys that were delivered to our garage. Check it out! No doubt you know someone with cancer? Give 'em a SMAC! monkey. Can order here: #cancer #SMACancer #beatcancer

In tears. Literally seconds after posting this sweet little girl's picture and request on the "SMAC! Sock Monkeys Against Cancer" Facebook page, a SMAC! Angel stepped forward and is sending her a NoMo. And, others wanted to help her too. I started a SMAC! Angel program where people can get on a list to be SMAC! Angels and fulfill requests just like this one. If you're interested, just email me THANK YOU sooooo much. ♥♥

This is why I created SMAC! — to give Mom a “buddy” she could hug to remind her that I am with her. Crowdfunding campaign kicks off Thursday (Nov. 1st) to bring SMAC! to life and give all with/impacted by cancer a true tangible "creature comfort." #SMACancer

Giving my first inspection of "SMAC! Sock Monkeys Against Cancer" from the manufacturer--making sure they look like they are supposed to. And the verdict is...? #cancer #cancercomfort #SMACancer #beatcancer

Wahoooo! All 1,000 SMAC! monkeys have arrived at my front door. Now, we work like mad to get these little guys mailed out. Look out #cancer, NoMo & Phoenix have officially been unleashed!!!! (Need to order a SMAC! ya go: #SMACancer #beatcancer #endcancer #startup

Yay! Getting pre-orders of the SMAC! Monkeys ready to ship out. They're anxious to be cancer-crushing companions. Give a SMAC! Monkey: #cancer #SMACancer #endcancer

SMAC! monkey update!! Just got a TON of envelopes - and an amazing discount - from the awesome Bill Anderson at UPS here in ‪#‎Omaha‬. In addition, my label printer is up and running and logistics with my shipping/inventory vendor are nearly complete. FINALLY! The SMAC! monkeys will be unleashed to SMAC! ‪#‎cancer‬ all over the world. YES!!! ‪#‎SMACancer‬

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