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    Give a SMAC! Monkey! Let’s SMAC! #LungCancer During Lung Cancer Awareness Month…and Beyond.

    Phoenix - Lung Cancer Fighting Monkey - $23.99 #cancer #lungcancer #SMACancer

    Now available: "I SMAC! Lung Cancer" T-shirt for Phoenix the #lungcancer fighting SMAC! monkey to wear! $7.00

    Video: "Woman wants army of monkeys to fight #cancer" Great story by local ABC affiliate about SMAC! crowdfunding campaign. Give someone you love a SMAC! monkey for tangible love & comfort. Pledge now to #SMACancer:

    5 more days until campaign kick-off to bring the @SMAC! Sock Monkeys Against Cancer to become true "creature comforts" for those with cancer. SMAC! Nation is building, baby. Be part of it. Website launching TODAY!! #SMACancer

    Be a SMAC! Angel and purchase a Phoenix SMAC! monkey for someone with/impacted by #lungcancer.

    Cancer Awareness - March is Kidney Cancer Awareness month

    Jane & NoMo, the ALL cancer fighting SMAC! monkey. Crowdfunding campaign to bring SMAC! monkeys to life kicks off Nov. 1st. #SMACancer

    We HEART this SO much. From Barb Jones: "Our Grandma Patty passed away from pancreatic cancer 8 years ago on December 17. We got Nomo SMAC monkeys for Christmas to keep her close to our hearts!!!" More SMAC! smiles and love to continue in 2014. Join the SMAC! movement for a global SMAC!-down on cancer! #smacancer #beatcancer #cancer

    My name is NoMo - the ALL #cancer fighting SMAC! monkey. I help those with/impacted by cancer SMAC! it with luv, comfort and monkey mojo! You can adopt me at ♥

    YES! The "SMAC! Sock Monkeys Against Cancer" website just went live. Check it out. Crowdfunding campaign kicks off in 5 days. #SMACancer

    Alannah and NoMo the all cancer-fighting SMAC! monkey!! #cancer #SMACancer #beatcancer $23.99

    Yay!! We had lunch with Paul Baltes and Taylor Wilson of Matty Chuah Nebraska Medical Center. We're putting together an event at NMC where 400+ SMAC! monkeys will be given to #cancer patients. This first batch of SMAC! monkeys is shipping May 28th!!! Join the movement to #SMACancer!!

    Only 5 days left to meet our total goal!! Give someone you love with cancer a cuddly monkey to help them SMAC! it. Pledge here. If you can't pledge, please repin to share. SMAC! on, my friends.

    Lung Cancer

    Anyone Can Get Lung Cancer collage

    Me vs Breast Cancer Breast Cancer Tshirt by CaptCreations on Etsy, $22.50

    makes you realize your problems aren't so big after all... so precious, so strong. absolutely amazing.