Give a SMAC! Monkey! Let’s SMAC! #LungCancer During Lung Cancer Awareness Month…and Beyond.

Jane & NoMo, the ALL cancer fighting SMAC! monkey. Crowdfunding campaign to bring SMAC! monkeys to life kicks off Nov. 1st. #SMACancer

Phoenix - Lung Cancer Fighting Monkey - $23.99 #cancer #lungcancer #SMACancer

5 more days until campaign kick-off to bring the @SMAC! Sock Monkeys Against Cancer to become true "creature comforts" for those with cancer. SMAC! Nation is building, baby. Be part of it. Website launching TODAY!! #SMACancer

Welcome our newest SMAC-er! Emily Garner is a student at the University of Nebraska at Omaha and she's going to help us make sure the SMAC! monkeys' crowdfunding launch is successful, bringing NoMo and Phoenix to life to SMAC! cancer EVERYWHERE!

@Jennifer Stauss Windrum's photo: "Had a great meeting with Mary Sheehan today. She is just one of many who wants to help out with SMAC! Working on details of creating SMAC! PACs across the globe to help get these monkeys into the hands of those with #cancer. Wanna join? Let me know on SMAC! FB page. SMAC! Nation is growing! #SMACancer"

@Jennifer Stauss Windrum's photo: Just a few of the many Phoenix SMAC! monkeys shipping out today thanks to the help of SMAC! Angels. #smacancer

Be a SMAC! Angel and purchase a Phoenix SMAC! monkey for someone with/impacted by #lungcancer.

Campbell singing with NoMo (the all-cancer) and Phoenix (the WTF? lung cancer) fighting SMAC! Sock Monkeys Against Cancer! Help bring SMAC! to life so that all those with/impacted by cancer can SMAC! with some sock monkey mojo, constant luv and a little 'tude. Crowdfunding campaign to kick off soon! Oh, and get this - "One SMAC! = Two." This means when someone buys a SMAC! monkey, another SMAC! monkey will be given to someone with/impacted by cancer. SMAC! Nation is growing!!!

Cancer Awareness - March is Kidney Cancer Awareness month

Wahooo. I have my very own adoption certificate now. I fight all cancers and will be up for adoption very, very soon to help those with/impacted by cancer SMAC! it. #SMACancer

My name is NoMo - the ALL #cancer fighting SMAC! monkey. I help those with/impacted by cancer SMAC! it with luv, comfort and monkey mojo! You can adopt me at <3

Yay!! We had lunch with Paul Baltes and Taylor Wilson of @Matty Chuah Nebraska Medical Center. We're putting together an event at NMC where 400+ SMAC! monkeys will be given to #cancer patients. This first batch of SMAC! monkeys is shipping May 28th!!! Join the movement to #SMACancer!!

Only 5 days left to meet our total goal!! Give someone you love with cancer a cuddly monkey to help them SMAC! it. Pledge here. If you can't pledge, please repin to share. SMAC! on, my friends.

Anyone Can Get Lung Cancer collage

Lung Cancer

STOP for one minute. Just one. This message impacts YOU. 31 year-old Brandon Hora died of lung cancer. No, he didn't smoke. ANYONE can get lung cancer. It's time the attention and funding is equal opp. Beyond time. This is completely unacceptable. We are talking about PEOPLE HERE. Even though lung cancer is the #1 cancer killer of both men and women - it's still the LEAST funded, yes due to the stigma. No one can say "not me." No one. Stop the blame game. Stop the stigma. Help create change...

Charity Miller Finnerty - Today marks 2 years since I lost my beautiful mother to lung cancer. Honoring her today and sending up prayers for all who are living with lung cancer and all who are caring for them. God bless...

Heaven got another angel last night.....her name is Jackie Ebel Bodmer. She fought her battle with lung cancer for 20 months.....our hearts are broken, but she is free from pain. We will miss her more than ever, she will be in our hearts forever. Her wish is more funding for lung cancer and early detection screening for lung cancer.....those of us she left behind will honor her by FIGHTING to make sure her wishes are honored. Rest in Peace Jackie Sue!

Me vs Breast Cancer Breast Cancer Tshirt by CaptCreations on Etsy, $22.50

makes you realize your problems aren't so big after all... so precious, so strong. absolutely amazing.