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We HEART this SO much. From Barb Jones: "Our Grandma Patty passed away from pancreatic cancer 8 years ago on December 17. We got Nomo SMAC monkeys for Christmas to keep her close to our hearts!!!" More SMAC! smiles and love to continue in 2014. Join the SMAC! movement for a global SMAC!-down on cancer! #smacancer #beatcancer #cancer


Yay!! We had lunch with Paul Baltes and Taylor Wilson of @Matty Chuah Nebraska Medical Center. We're putting together an event at NMC where 400+ SMAC! monkeys will be given to #cancer patients. This first batch of SMAC! monkeys is shipping May 28th!!! Join the movement to #SMACancer!!


STOP for one minute. Just one. This message impacts YOU. 31 year-old Brandon Hora died of lung cancer. No, he didn't smoke. ANYONE can get lung cancer. It's time the attention and funding is equal opp. Beyond time. This is completely unacceptable. We are talking about PEOPLE HERE. Even though lung cancer is the #1 cancer killer of both men and women - it's still the LEAST funded, yes due to the stigma. No one can say "not me." No one. Stop the blame game. Stop the stigma. Help create…


Heaven got another angel last night.....her name is Jackie Ebel Bodmer. She fought her battle with lung cancer for 20 months.....our hearts are broken, but she is free from pain. We will miss her more than ever, she will be in our hearts forever. Her wish is more funding for lung cancer and early detection screening for lung cancer.....those of us she left behind will honor her by FIGHTING to make sure her wishes are honored. Rest in Peace Jackie Sue!