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    My #lungcancer hope for 2014.

    Give a SMAC! Monkey! Let’s SMAC! #LungCancer During Lung Cancer Awareness Month…and Beyond.

    My Mom, #lungcancer warrior, and so much more, is now in peace. #AnyoneCanGetLungCancer

    "Telling Mom the dying process has begun. That she no longer has to fight. We had a quiet, emotional and amazingly meaningful moment. #smacancer #anyonecangetlungcancer"

    Touching video of Linsey Allen at Mayo telling Mom there are no more cancer treatments left. With the exception of continuing the Tarceva. My Mom is made of steel and she is at peace with today's outcome. Like my Mom said, "It is what it is." And, no, cancer is NOT/will NOT beat my Mom. My Mom is merely saying, "Meh, cancer. I'm done dealing with you and movin' on. See ya."

    I can't stop crying. My Mom is so sick. This disease is beyond cruel. She can't walk and must have forgotten to call for Bob this morning to get her out of bed. So, she got out and fell to the ground. She has no strength whatsoever. When I talk to her on the phone, there are many times when I can't understand what she is saying. Her heart rate is still very high and we hope to get it figured out today. I feel my Mom slipping away. In all honesty, I've been praying for God to peacefully take her.

    My blog post to Perez Hilton, who clearly missed the mark on a new ad campaign.

    Amazing actress and advocate. Desperate Housewives' Kathryn Joosten Dies at 72 of lung cancer.

    We must continue to educate to create change. RIP Todd. We will continue to fight hard on your behalf, and so many others. Please pass it on!

    ABC7's Greta Kreuz shares her battle with lung cancer

    Donna Summer: One of thousands of nonsmokers killed annually by lung cancer

    STOP for one minute. Just one. This message impacts YOU. 31 year-old Brandon Hora died of lung cancer. No, he didn't smoke. ANYONE can get lung cancer. It's time the attention and funding is equal opp. Beyond time. This is completely unacceptable. We are talking about PEOPLE HERE. Even though lung cancer is the #1 cancer killer of both men and women - it's still the LEAST funded, yes due to the stigma. No one can say "not me." No one. Stop the blame game. Stop the stigma. Help create change.

    Heaven got another angel last night.....her name is Jackie Ebel Bodmer. She fought her battle with lung cancer for 20 months.....our hearts are broken, but she is free from pain. We will miss her more than ever, she will be in our hearts forever. Her wish is more funding for lung cancer and early detection screening for lung cancer.....those of us she left behind will honor her by FIGHTING to make sure her wishes are honored. Rest in Peace Jackie Sue!

    A lifelong athlete, Kate Engeman ran marathons, played tennis, water skied and enjoyed just about anything that kept her active. When she went running, husband Greg Engeman said she was so determined and so focused that he often "slowed her down." He called her the strongest woman he ever met, both "physically and strong-willed," he said. Engeman died of non-smoker lung cancer on Wednesday. She was 48.

    My dearest Emily Miner. Non smoker. Lung cancer victim. 12/22/69 to 12/14/2011 WTF???

    Carol Eader This is what stage IV lung cancer can look like when detected early! I was diagnosed on December 13, 2010, the same day I had most of my right lung removed. I began daily treatment with an oral chemotherapy drug, Tarceva 150 mg, on January 3, 2011. I just celebrated my 50th birthday yesterday. Early detection is what's needed and a key to LIVING WITH CANCER!

    My Mom, Leslie Lehrman, fighting Stage IV inoperable lung cancer. Nope, she never smoked. You don't have to smoke to get lung cancer.

    31 year-old Luke Teaters died of lung cancer yesterday. We need Congress to stop ignoring the #1 cancer killer of both men & women - that ANYONE can get. We must stop this tragic insanity. Here's a link to contact Congress to urge support for the Lung Cancer Mortality Reduction Act. www.lungcancerall...

    Dacey Lee We lost my mom, Kathy L. McGinty, to lung cancer after a brave, 7-year battle. 'The brave never die, though they sleep in dust; their courage nerves a thousand living men." --Minot J. Savage

    Barbara Dellamarie My beautiful big sister, Diana, died two years ago from lung cancer only 2 months after diagnosis. She was misdiagnosed for four months as having bronchitis. By then it had spread to her brain. We spent a horrible 10 days in the LA County hospital basically waiting for her to pass...she'd fallen into a coma. No chance to say goodbye it happened so fast. A single mom, her daughter was only 19 then. It hurts more all the time. I miss her so much, my best friend. ♥ T

    Bette Whatley Swann Here is a pic of me to add to your album of lung cancer people. I was diagnosed in 2006 and am still in remission. They removed lower left lobe and I had chemo -taxotere and carboplatin ... lost all my hair and about 3/4 of it came back hence I wear a wig most of the time. The one in this pic is my favorite .. even my hair stylist likes it :).

    Dr. Marcus died from the very disease he dedicated his life to - lung cancer. Dr. Frederick Steven Marcus 64, Medical Oncologist, passed away February 28, 2011. A passionate healer, driven to save many lives. He gave hope and inspiration to all. A truly great man! Survived by the love of his life, Keiko Marcus and children Brooke and Hilary and sister Debbie.

    Charity Miller Finnerty - Today marks 2 years since I lost my beautiful mother to lung cancer. Honoring her today and sending up prayers for all who are living with lung cancer and all who are caring for them. God bless...

    RIP Renee & Tonya.

    RIP Venita.