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  • Lauren Frenchenstein

    Vivitar Ultra Wide and Slim When Vivitar created the Ultra Wide and Slim, they sought out to produce a cheap point and shoot film camera for the masses. What they achieved was legendary. With it's wide angle 22mm lens, the Ultra Wide and Slim framed each image with a strong vignette.

  • Jessica Murphy

    special edition camera box.

  • Miriam Köpf

    packaging Designed by Kristen Hudson

  • Love Letters

    This is camera packaging, but so versatile.

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"This kit holds all of Manic's secret ingredients for a remarkable Christmas. Consumed correctly, this bundle will produce the most magical effects eternal youth; a keen nose to guide you to the nearest bar; an outstanding sense of humor; and an insatiable desire to be merry.

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Too bad this is only a concept design by Alex Westgate. I would try this product long before I'd try it with its existing packaging seen at

Abelha is a handcrafted, organic cachaca with a full natural flavour and our labels reflect this! Each label features a uniquely commissioned illustration alongside our trademark handcut logo.

The line work on the logo is well done and I can appreciate the desire for a vintage feel but have we really come to a place where we can use stereotypes of minorities as logos? Are we there yet? Are you sure? Really sure?

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Just the packaging this time. I love the detailing on the label!

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