ollysorsby: “ My stamp arrived today! Along with a set of blank recycled cards. They are hand-cut with rounded corners using a traditional guillotine. Manufactured from UK post consumer waste and.

Branding Ideas – Pinterest | International Visual

Branding Ideas – Pinterest

I like the simplicity of this packaging and the implication that it is eco friendly and probably printed by hand with a stamp. Should I consider having a handmade stamp made with my logo to create my own packaging with repurposed paper bags?

fun little sample business card created by the fine folks at the Mandate Press for Captain Jack Sparrow

Funny + Sample + Business Card – Captain Jack Sparrow, Pirates of the Caribbean / on TTL Design

Yan Chuan, Chinese minimalist tea via @mariathmorais #Chinese #Tea #Packaging

Packaging style which can be used for collaterals/ asian but contemporary feel/ clean aesthetic

Almighty / Demian Conrad Design / "Almighty is a company specializing in interior design and home staging that needed a flexible and contemporary approach to its identity while still maintaining its classic traditions. We focused on the idea of decoration, and after some research we found an analogy between book covers and wallpaper. We set about creating a pattern of organic shapes using the Japanese technique of Suminagashi marbling" / #generative #analog

Almighty / Demian Conrad Design / Almighty is a company specializing in interior design and home staging