• Jenna Shackelford

    Tim Burton's movies. Or at least the animation and costuming... That kinda of thing. He's phenomenal.

  • Jaackoo Buckley

    Timothy Walter Tim Burton was born August 25, 1958. Burton has directed 16 films and produced 12, as of 2012. His latest films are an adaptation of the soap opera Dark Shadows, released on May 10, 2012, and a remake of his 1984 short, Frankenweenie, released on October 5, 2012.

  • Jessica Hardwick

    All My Favorite Movies Are By Tim Burton

  • Lindsay Dealy

    Google Image Result for http://blogimgs.only-apartments.com/images/only-apartments/4580/paris-tim-burton.jpg I am a fan and he does influence my art. #gothic #Timburton

  • Taylor Dufour

    Tim Burton #TimBurton. Makes all time the best movies:)))

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