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Reiki Level 1 Training - 13 CE hrs February 15–16, 2014, 9:30 am–5 pm chineitsangcenter...

The Usui Reiki symbols represent the connection to the Universal Energy. These are crafted from green aventurine - the classic gemstone for cleansing and new growth.

Ha! A different kind of "flu shot." I LOVE elderberries. They are full of awesome flu fighting properties! I have avoided so many colds/flu because of these berries.

Chakras, in Hindu metaphysical tradition and other belief systems, are centres of Prāṇa, life force, or vital energy. Chakras correspond to vital points in the physical body i.e. major plexuses of arteries, veins and nerves. Texts and teachings present different numbers of chakras. Their name derives from the Sanskrit word for "wheel" or "turning".

Chart and techniques for hand reflexology and massage of meridian points. I would rather take my health in my own hands, literally, then trust it to the fragmented philosophy of Western medicine, except in rare circumstances when it's absolutely necessary.

Great graphic on foods that we continue to eat in the United States that are BANNED in other countries due to the additives, hormones and preservatives that are in them! It's no surprise that the US is lagging behind other countries when it comes to nutrition but we can do better than this!

Best Yoga Poses For Office Workers (or students who sit stationary most of the day.) Just looking at these make my back feel amazing

DOUBTERS..... MEN.....BEWARE of what your emotions are hiding.Emotional Pain Chart- more proof that everything IS truly connected.