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More Kitty Cat, Sweet, Animal Baby, Funny Animal Pics, Pet, Calico Kittens, Baby Animal, Cat Lovers, Cute Kittens Sweet little calico kitten getting her forehead rubbed. so cute!! #Kitten #kitty #Cat #Cuteness #Cute #Pet One of those moments all us cat lovers love – when your kitty boops your hand! by brandy kitten#cute baby Animals #Baby Animals|

Did you know that when it comes to shaking hands, knowing when to let go is as important as the handshake itself? Researchers at the University of Manchester in England studied this - and found that the ideal handshake to convey trust, control and confidence lasts 3 seconds. Pulling away too early is a sign of weakness and insecurity. Holding on for longer than 3 seconds is seen as overbearing and makes the other person uncomfortable. #cute #kittens #handshake #etiquette