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Use rubber outdoor mat to create a pattern in DIY stepping stones @carol ham-cobbe

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Using a door mat for imprint on concrete. Think of the garden stepping stones that could be created. Something I could do with the granddaughters too.

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Diy concrete stepping stones using rubber doormat

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DIY concrete pavers looking like flagstone. Love this for our back/side yard where I want to do a hard scape.

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DIY Concrete stepping stones using rubber door mats.

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Garden path of rocks and stepping stones made from a leaf mold.

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Stepping stone

Top Dreamerfrom Top Dreamer

15 Creative Recycling DIY Plastic Projects


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diy plastic bottle terraniums

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DIY PLANTERS :: Making Hypertufa Pots Tutorial :: Hypertufa is a stonelike material that mimics a type of rock. Make flower pots (or balls/pillars) in any shape & size w/ just THREE INGREDIENTS!!! She shows you her method & here is Matha Stewart's method (w/ patterns on the outside & different shapes): www.marthastewart... & one more method w/ GOOD TIPS: www.itsnotworkits...

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Cake Pan Stepping Stones – Do It Yourself

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Concrete stepping stones that look like lush pillows. Love this in my yard!

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puzzle piece stepping stone

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DIY concrete garden hands

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Leaf stepping stones DIY





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creation and photo by Iain Blake


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WooHomefrom WooHome

21 Lovely DIY Lifehacks That Use A Penny

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DIY BIRDHOUSE with pebbles and a roof made of pennies. Many other ideas to recycle pennies.