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    • Mark Alcorn

      Think I'll buy this for use on the fig tree...

    • Wrenn M.

      says pinner: This product is a dream come true for many gardeners. In just 8 weeks you can produce a brand new plant of a size that would take 3 years from seed or a cutting.

    • Alice Cantrell

      "Cloning selected varieties. In just 8 weeks you can produce a brand new plant of a size that would take 3 years from seed or cutting. Some fruit trees shouldn't be planted from seed."

    • Kristal Shepherd

      Creates a seedling from a branch. Maybe use on Mom's asian pear tree.

    • Casey Douglas

      Awesome product for duplicating trees

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    Veranda Mat - These are made of recycled plastic and can be hosed down. Great for my back porch. Now to find the best price.

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    'A Drop of Water' a rain barrel with an integrated watering can

    Panoramic in house window bird feeder Birds eye view of birds, hahaha! Pretty cool ~ I want one!

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    flat extension cord for under rugs - why has it taken someone so long to invent these?!?!

    Large Solar Fountain Hanging Bird Bath-17"-Moving water attracts more birds and keeps your baths cleaner, longer. Wild birds can't resist the gentle stream of moving water. Functional, adjustable perches and textured surface means you'll attract more birds to your yard

    Morning Glory Lights | Gardener's Supply Company

    Natural Wasp Deterrent, Set of 2 image - there are enough positive reviews to make this worth a try this summer, and these don't harm anything or deter bees from pollenating.

    13W Yellow Bug Light. Enjoy your porch and patio after dark without bugs. Flying bugs and insects can’t see yellow, so they aren’t drawn to it as they would be to a regular white light.

    Solar Crystal Bubble Garden Light Sticks (8 Pack)

    Set of 2 Solar Fence Lights, these would be nice along the side yards

    For picking up nuts. This is for you Kathy!

    The WHY Insect Trap is proven to catch 21 species of flying, stinging insects. Enjoy the outdoors in peace while this trap lures wasps, yellow jackets, and hornets. A blend of nontoxic ingredients attracts queens and workers, spring through fall. Won't trap beneficial honeybees.

    turn your flower pots into patio tables...

    Rubber Form Patio Paver Tiles are the safe, durable and long-lasting alternative to concrete or stone paving blocks. Ideal for large, high-traffic areas or ornate garden pathways as well as for Rooftop walkways ro Rooftop patios. Our patio blocks are made of 100% heavy-duty recycled tire rubber, providing excellent resistance to severe wind/weather, as well as damaging UV rays. Traction is superb, even when wet. The soft, pliable material makes them an anti-fatigue surface with excellent impa...

    Solar Powered Rain Barrel Water Pump

    Perfect multifunctional piece for my patio this year!

    Would love to replace the stark lightbulb over my front door with this!

    Solar Gazing Globe

    LED Solar Bloom Lights - 36 long lasting pink LED lights with flexible branches that can be shaped as desired. Remote solar panel can be placed anywhere sun is available. Direct sunlight charges the battery during the day and light automatically turns on at dusk, off at dawn. Includes 1 AA rechargeable replaceable battery.