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    A variety of free woodworking plans to build crossbows, archery bows and arrows.

    Survival Kits : Super Compact Take-Down Nomad Survival Bow and Arrow - The new Nomad survival bow and arrow set, 16" long storage pouch. Fiberglass/resin limbs. No tool assembly. Just string the bow and its ready to shoot. Four survival arrows simply screw together snugly with o-ring contact. Caring pouch doubles as pack quiver. $90

    How to Build a 100lb Draw Crossbow in about 2 hours.

    Survival Bow Making -- The bow and arrow are effective hunting tools, because they increase the distance between you and your prey, bettering your chances of catching an animal. When in a survival situation, the ability to fashion a survival bow and arrows quickly and from the raw material surrounding you is a skill that is of extreme use, and could make the difference between simply surviving and thriving.

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    Archery Muscle Power To prevent injuries, improve accuracy, and become a lucky bowhunter, follow these steps to strong shoulders.

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    The Take Down Survival Bow & Arrow: Reasons You Should Consider Owning One: Very Portable for such an effective long range weapon - Silent - Affordable - Multi-Use - Can reuse arrows - Can make arrows in the bush - - Lax laws (compared to purchasing a gun)

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