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Japanese Noh Whisky

The Japanese Karuizawa distillery has a rather interesting vintage whisky range, called Noh Whisky. The lable design was inspired by the Japanese Noh theater, which is classical Japanese musical drama, performed since the 14th century. It would be interesting to know why the distillery decided to brand this whiskies range with traditional Noh performers and masks


Black Bowmore 1964 31 Year Old Final Edition

Black Bowmore

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Best Scotch You Haven'tEven Heard Of (Probably)

A Whole New World of Whisky

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Monkey Shoulder Whisky

"As one of the few remaining whisky distilleries in the world still using manual mixing techniques during the production process, Monkey Shoulder makes a rich and uniquely flavorful blend. This hands-on turning of the barley was once known to cause a temporary ailment for which this whisky is named. Monkey Shoulder has adopted the same time-tested techniques under better working conditions—and without the risk of injury—to create their signature triple malt Scotch whisky."

Suntory Yamazaki 25 Year Old | Sherry Cask 70cl | 43%. The incredibly dark colour would suggest that this is from an outstanding Oloroso cask. | World Whiskies Awards 2012 - Best Single Malt Whisky and Best Japanese Single Malt Whisky and Best Japanese 21 years and over

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Japan beats Scotland to win world’s best whiskey title

This promotional handout picture released to AFP on November 4, 2014 by Japan's liquor maker Suntory shows the company's single malt whisky "Yamazaki Single Malt Sherry Cask 2013". The whisky was named the world's best for the first time by a prestigious guide released on November 3, 2014 which failed to place a Scotch in its top ranking. AFP PHOTO / SUNTORY HOLDINGS ---EDITORS NOTE---RESTRICTED TO EDITORIAL USE - MANDATORY CREDIT "AFP PHOTO / SUNTORY HOLDINGS" - NO MARKETING NO ADVERTISING…