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Japanese Noh Whisky, 30 Years (Karuizawa)

Lovely Japanese whiskey bottle and box packaging PD

Nikka Taketsuru 35YO

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The Japanese Karuizawa distillery has a rather interesting vintage whisky range, called Noh Whisky. The lable design was inspired by the Japanese Noh theater, which is classical Japanese musical drama, performed since the 14th century. It would be interesting to know why the distillery decided to brand this whiskies range with traditional Noh performers and masks

Hanyu Japanese Whisky


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Nikka Japanese #Grain #Whisky

Cut Spike Whiskey 43% alc/vol Single Malt Whiskey distilled and aged right here in La Vista Nebraska

Suntory Hibiki Japanese Blended Whiskey (Aged 12 years). "Aged in Japanese plum liqueur ‘Umeshu’ casks, Hibiki 12 year old is sweet to the taste and has a velvety texture and fruity aromas unlike any other premium blended whisky. Blended from a variety of malt and grain whiskies, Hibiki 12 year old is filtered through bamboo charcoal to deliver a spirit that is silky smooth on the palate." #japanese #package #design


Nikka Whisky From The Barrel

Suntory Hibiki Whisky

Rolling Stones Whisky / Suntory

Pappy Van Winkle 23 Year Family Reserve

Hibiki 21-Year-Old Blended #Whisky c/o Liquor.com

#DALMORE TRINITAS 64 year old, probably the world's most expensive scotch whisky

Bowmore's beautiful 1957 No. 1 Bottle set. spirit mxm

Karuizawa 30 Year Old Cask #162 55.8% Japanese Single Malt Whiskey, Japan | The Whisky Barrel