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    • Dani Whipple

      Life Sayings and Inspirational Quotes 33 Life Sayings and Inspirational Quotes (33)

    • Darlene L

      T_T #love #heartache #neilgaiman #quote

    • Kel Purcill

      Neil Gaiman on love. I hate love too.

    • AnnaLe Burgio

      Neil Gaiman. I'm a big fan of love and being in love, but this quote is one of my favorites and it speaks the truth!

    • Denna Armbroester

      Love hurts sometimes quotes

    • Mandie Warren

      I hate love because I have to let my armor down. But I can't leave without the love I have came to know. I would do anything to keep the love I know today. I pray I will always have it in my life. Pray it will never leave me. Love is a difficult situation between letting someone in and trusting they will treat you right and being scared because of past loves.

    • Jade McDaris

      This quote was taped to my dresser when I was getting over He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named. This was my truth. Yet every day, I set out to prove it wrong...

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