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Funny Confession Ecard: I missed bikini season but I am ready for oversize comfy sweater season!

I judge you based on your football team preference.

Southern style Football games... Complete class.

I love Fall...pumpkin carving, corn mazes, hay rides and the crisp fall weather...And, of course, wearing hoodies & watching some FOOTBALL!!

All spring and summer she was a graceful, classy lady... then football season started.

Say those magical words a girl wants to hear.. It's time for College Football Season!!!

Football in Alabama is more than a regulated collage "Game" WE ARE THE "SEC" .. WE DEFINE IT ... ROLLLLL TIDE!!!!

Funny Sports Ecard: Not only do REAL women watch football, they cuss the HELL out of the players and refs!

Scream, Cry, and Eat half my weight in food. Will you still love me? It's not my Period... It's FOOTBALL SEASON!!

Not ready to let go of 10 o'clock ice cream/Rita's runs, and outdoor adventures with the boys, but if I have to say goodbye to these things autumn is the next best thing.