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    • Lauren Rude

      I wanna sail away on a sail boat

    • Miloš Takač

      Sailboats #sailing #boat #journey #tavel #sail #sea #livingatsea

    • Bucquistador

      #Bucketlist: Go sailing with the family

    • Rachel Allred

      The little man on the front...that would be me :) - The joy of sailing. If you haven't done it, put it on your bucket list. Sail on a tall ship, sail at night, sail with dolphins at the bow, climb to the top of the mast, climb up to furl the sail, rope swing off the boat into the ocean, fall asleep on a pile of sails. Dream check list!

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    what could be finer? (Les Voiles de st Tropez 2012)

    The Shearwater emerging from New York Harbor, where the Hudson and East Rivers meet

    One of my favorite things about sailing is tying the knots, even though I need some practice

    this pic just put sailing on my bucket list

    Come sail away The tall ship ‘Alexander von Humboldt’ sails the Baltic Sea near Kiel, Germany

    Ranger (J class) on the nearside, the schooner 'Windrose' in the middle sailing close to the the restored Velsheda (J class) upwind at the 2004 Antigua Classic Yacht Race...

    I went to a yard sale today and the owner said something that changed the way I think: "My buddy owned this place. Found out he has pancreatic cancer, and realized that all this materialistic shit just doesn't matter. He left all this and got a boat to go on his last fishing trip. You see that?" He pointed at the sky. "That's all he needs right now. An open sky, some trees, and water. When you're ready to check out it's just not about this materialistic shit."

    _/) sailing... omG!! Tyler Horn via seeke onto “Trust your heart if the seas catch fire, live by love though the stars walk backward.”

    I want a sail boat that I can climb onto and escape everything, bathe in the sun for a day with not a care in the world.