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Frame old recipes for the kitchen, bonus if it's handwritten by grandma or mom :)

What an awesome resource for teaching kids about family responsibility, earning money, saving, spending and even giving!

family yearbooks... So the family pics aren't just stuck on the computer. LOVE THIS!

Creative Yearly Photo Book Ideas via

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Mom needs to get in front of the camera too! Here are 50 photos to take with your kids! FREE photo checklist. #photography #children #motherhood

Kids Art Tea Towel DIY - so easy to make! Great gift idea!

I love this! I wish I had started with Kindergarten!! Memory binders. As an alternative to scrapbooking EVERY scrap of special paper the kids receive, do these memory binders. Just as special and much less effort.

The best resource I have found for families who want to try clean eating. Very practical ideas, and super yummy food!

Tips on how to get quality time with each child - part of a wonderful series of ideas on how to connect with our kids.

Have a babysitter box filled with everything the babysitter might need. | 36 Ingenious Things You'll Want As A New Parent

So Many Great Ways to Display Kids Artwork - perfect for modern families... I can't wait to try #6 and 7!

3 Simple (And Meaningful!) Art Projects

Great healthy living and parenting routines to start in 2014

Once a month put $10 in a photo album for your kids until they graduate.

"Calm Down Bottle." Shake the bottle and have the child sit and watch until the glitter settles. She gives a recipe to make the consistency right for it to take about 5 minutes to settle.

{Children’s Artwork Collage} Create custom art with a child of any age. *So simple!

Clip frames for hanging your child's art

I NEED this right now! Great list to get me though summer.

Make a Book Out of Your Kid’s Artwork (

Wish I would have had this 20 years ago!

Like this better than kids getting paid for regular chores. And not forcing them to do it, whichever kid wants the money will do it.