sequin pointe shoes, the perfect combination of a graceful art and flare!

Custom made Louboutin ballet slippers for Dita Von Teese. Lucky, lucky girl...I always wanted black point shoes!

I have always been IN LOVE with red pointe shoes!

red pointe shoes

this is awesome

Love these pointe shoes!!!

coco kelley |

Pink and Gold Sugarplum Fairy decorated pointe by DesignsEnPointe.

Leos Soft Pink Pointe Gel Toe Pad | Pointe Shoe Corner




pointe shoes although I know my pointe shoes look the way they actually do


Pointe shoes :)

once a ballerina, always a ballerina

converse all star

Pointe shoes

chucks vs blochs :)

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You know how to break in pointe shoes, and you know that its spelled POINTE. And 26 other signs you were a Dance Kid :)