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  • Jeannine Gemma

    OMG so cute! Baby giraffe <3 <3 <3

  • Douglas Kuhlman

    .one time i saw a picture of a fire fighter saving a baby deer with a forest fire in the backgound and it was a baby deer he saved a baby deer the fire fighter saved a baby deer!!!!!!! :D But I thought the deer was dead! HA HA NOT! #cute baby Animals #Baby Animals|

  • Darryl Towne

    baby giraffe #cute baby Animals #Baby Animals

  • Lynne Gale

    dik dik - tiny deer-like animal! So cute! #dikdik #animals #wildlife tå√

  • C Carnahan

    A baby giraffe!!! Is he real????? So cute! OK, So I just looked him up and he is REAL but he is a BABY Dik Dik and not a giraffe!!! :)

  • holli myers

    @Sarah Briggs Raines - got from .Who DOESNT want a baby giraffe for a pet?? So cute!!

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So Adorable! Fun Fact: When baby giraffes are born, they just drop to the ground from the height their mother is at. Fun Fact #2: The average giraffe heart is is about 25 pounds! Wow! :O That is just amazing! :)