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Belfast Zoo’s latest addition, a little Malayan tapir

Tapir--I love tapirs! They can be dangerous but most of the time they are gentle. They express a rare form of joy when you get to watch them eat a big carrot!

Newborn Tapir. The tapir is found in the rainforests of #CostaRica. They are very shy and elusive.

Malaysian Tapir..the animal like hores on avata film. perhaps this animal inspired for filmmakers +++ visit my channel youtube for fun +++

This Baby Tapir is the Most Painfully Adorable Thing You'll See All Week

~~Baby Tapir ~ baby Malayan Tapir showing its juvenile markings by sparky2000~~

Baby tapir - he looks like a little walnut with a head and legs! So cute!

I don't like you thhhhhtppppp [spitting noise]

If I can't have a dog maybe mom will let me have one of these?