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robinsheldonillustration: Witches Brew - Robin Sheldon {illustration & design} Been in a witchy mood lately. Is it October yet?

Bree Lundberg / Blog

Unbreakable is full of protective symbols – real and fictional – to ward off everything from vengeance spirits and demons to bad luck. You can read about Kami Garcia's inspiration for these on the Legion Series Tumblr (thelegionseries.t...)

Lukkustafir with this symbol you will have no bad luck

Spell Remnants: 15 Ways to Properly Dispose Of Spellwork Remains - Pinned by The Mystic's Emporium on Etsy

Before I realized that Witchcraft and spell work was as easy as shopping for groceries and cooking dinner, I spent a lot on specialized ingredients.

The Magickal Aspects of Lilacs The Magick Kitchen

Wood Witch Of Rudd Hollow

Magical Recipes

Positive Energy Floor Wash

Domestic Witchkeeping

Vinegar and water is the cheapest cleaning solution for magical tools, altars, and surfaces. Vinegar is also fantastic for clearing odors and negativity.Salt and warm water also has the same effect, minus the cleansing of odors.Cover your mirrors, televisions, laptop screens, phone screens etc. when doing workings. Those who practice scrying know how powerful it can be to utilize a mirrored surface to their advantage.Clean your mirrors regularly.Pens from banks or check cashing places are perfec

Staying grounded as a Highly Sensitive Person

Salt Magick - The Magick Kitchen

This is a Victorian lap desk revamped into a wicked occultist's travel kit. It has added photographic art work and many magical vials and treasures. Take it with you on your trips to add a little bit of home and magic to your hotel room. Some of the contents include: an old scrying mirror, a black candle and black chalk, box of matches, chunks of crystal and pyrite to enhance riches and psychic awareness, a vintage incense burner, a roll of charcoal vials of real mugwort, myrrh, mandrake....

☽ Glitter Tomb ☾ - Witch Shop by Akshully Support her work here!

Recreational Witchcraft’s Luck & Money PowderThis powder is ideal for drawing luck, money, and job opportunities. Sprinkle some of it into a burning candle, dust some over your body before going out or add some of it to a hot bath. Grind & Combine: Green or white Eggshells for prosperity and fortune Basil for wealth and success Green mint for money and abundance Fennel for luck I’ve used this powder spell for almost a year now and it never fails me. Hope it can help you all too! -T

☽ Glitter Tomb ☾ - Witch Shop by Akshully Support her work here!

☠☠☠™ Daniel Martin Diaz

Mandrake root clay creature cute plant monster ornament. $50.00, via Etsy.

I need these hats more than I can measure with existing technology. From HandiCraftKate, in her Etsy store.

Katy Keene

I carved this little root baby because I have a bit of an obsession with plants having anthropomorphic details. The inspiration, the mandrake

a fun vintage postcard full of good luck and prosperity symbols

A Beginner’s Guide to Sigil Craft