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photograph for the generations - just take a picture of the youngest generation and then take a picture of each older generation holding the previous picture.

Have a photo like this every year for your wedding anniversary holding the photo of last year's photo with the first photo being held be your engagement photos or your wedding photo. (scheduled via


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Run bacon under cold water before cooking to reduce shrinking by up to 50%, and cook in the oven for 10 mins at 365

Generations photo idea @Jane Izard Izard Layman...figure how this would go lol it is confusing me!

Beautiful blue door. Art Nouveau French - Cool.

I really would like to do this with my family:) but it would only be 3 generations.


Awesome family portrait

Another interesting take on the family portrait. I would love to see how my dad, mom and me and my three sisters would have looked all lined up there! It would've been one ugly ass family picture with our big noses and double and triple chins!!! Lol!!! Excellent idea for the beautiful people.