If I never get to do anything else on my bucket list, I would sacrifice all other dreams to have a child..

Once I get my life together with my soul mate, I want to give a good life to my own children. I was thinking of having 2-4 children, two of them being twins preferably.

Momentous a time with Cam and Pre

My Bucket List: Get engaged… to my God-Match/Soul-Mate! Then have a more beautiful and wonderful marriage, than our wedding. Via PerfectBucketList on Tumblr. ☐ #someday #bucket #list #bucketlist #wedding #engagement #marriage


Secretly wish this.

Live to See Cancer Cured:) My Grandma died of Breast Cancer I don't want anyone else have to lose there mom, grandma, teacher, ect.

Is this still on your bucket list or did you have the #wedding of your dreams yet?

Bucket List | Grow old with someone I love. {Doesn't have to be a boyfriend, I would be happy to grow old with my siblings, my best friends - any of my loved ones. Finding a significant one, like a husband, would be amazing, but I won't hold my hopes up for that.}

<3 someday

want twins!!


Adopt a child

✔️ ....im pretty lucky to have such an important role in greyson's life.

oh can i just be there already?

Someday. :)

Soon, hopefully!

bucket list: i have had this already...my bucket list item is when i have a child i want my baby to fall asleep in my arms

bucket list: celebrate my 100th birthday

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