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  • Elizabeth K

    Haha this is hilarious. My dogs currently hate the water, but if we ever get young ones again I'll make sure they taste the ocean soon

  • Gazaboo Vintage

    big water, little puppy ♥

  • Lisa Reneer

    This is my dog at the beach!! I watch too much shark week and shark shows..

  • Rhonda Jacks

    This is so funny! I can remember living at the beach and wanting Gidget to love the water. She hated it but loved snapping at the waves and burying her nose in the sand.

  • Elissa Peck

    Funny animals

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The only kind of marks you should ever leave on a dog.

This is too much. He hates the vet so much that he is grabbing on for dear life. Pobrecito :-)

I LOVE donkies! I'd love to have one someday. Fact: Donkies are great to have on farms because they will keep coyotes away :)

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This would work all too well on our girl. It might make me overcome my aversion to dressing up dogs in people clothes.

For some reason, the following popped into my head when I saw this: "Ack, ye wee laddy! I dare ye to kick me in muh jimmies!" Small things please small minds...

I love the little tiny socks in the ironing photo! The Texas hold em is hysterical!

I feel like I need to improve my portraiture skills so I practiced on our new puppy. He has all of the attributes of a professional model. He doesn't sit still. He throws temper tantrums, and is incredibly cute. I used the BWD (big wall diffuser) met So CUTE!

My Fav is the smiling white poodle @ the birthday's it, I'm putting party hats on my dogs for their birthdays!

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