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Frozen / Tangled Crossover - What if the King and Queen of Arendelle were on their way to Rapunzel's and Eugene's wedding, when their boat sank, and that's why Rapunzel and Eugene felt the need to come to Elsa's coronation ceremony. Like remember it says "three years later ", which is the present? Tangled was made three years ago. MY MIND JUST EXPLODED!!! Awesome! Mind Blown!

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I thought of most of this before- although the bit with Rapunzel's mom/Elsa and Anna's dad is new.

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Queen Elsa on

Hahaha Tangled and Frozen

I just realized... if the queen of Corona (Rapunzel's kingdom) and the former queen of Arendelle were in fact sisters, as is the common theory, then Elsa and Rapunzel would be essentially the exact same age! Rapunzel was 18 at the end of her movie, which was 3 years ago. 18+3=21. Elsa is 21 in Frozen, this year. These two really need to get together. They would get along so well! Best cousins ever!