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"She Became Her Own Hero" Scroll Necklace

"She Became Her Own Hero" Scroll Necklace

Emerald Coast - Recycled Glass Products | Vetrazzo... Inspired by the glassy green sea of the South's Emerald Coast, this is a mix of oyster shells and glass.

EMERALD COAST (COASTAL) Break waves in sustainability. Inspired by the glassy green sea of the South's Emerald Coast, this is a mix of oyster shells and glass. All you need is the salt air.

"Floating Blue" recycled glass countertop by Vetrazzo.  Gorgeous...and pricey...

From account executive Stevi Jackson: "I'm on the search for new countertops, and these recycled glass designs may be just what I need. I love the blue!" ("Recycled glass countertops" from Green by Design) 1642

Repurposed ::  Shimmery countertops  ::    All of the glass used in Vetrazzo countertops is recycled. Some glass comes from the bottles you toss in your recycling bin, and the rest is post-industrial glass, or leftovers from factories that make glass products. The glass is diverted from landfills to Tate, Ga., where it is mixed with cement; 85% of the slab is glass

Vetrazzo uses recycled glass to make Shimmery countertops (© Photos courtesy of Vetrazzo)

recycled glass counter tops  LOVE!!

recycled glass countertop that doesn't look like a jello mold or carpet padding

vetrazzo coastal collection | Ingredients: cranberry glass, crushed Georgia marble, oyster shells

Message In A Bottle. Vetrazzo: Raise Your Glass To The Sea . The New Vetrazzo Coastal Edition

Palladian Gray - Recycled Glass Products | Vetrazzo...this mix is comprised of glass from windows and doors in demolished buildings.

Vetrazzo — Recycled Glass Countertops, Mosaics, Tiles, Flooring and Accessories — Available in the United States, Canada and Worldwide

For kitchen and bathroom counter tops, I'm opting for green and recycling practices.  Love these beautiful concrete (yes, concrete) and recycled glass counters. This one has Skyy vodka bottles making the lovely blue color against stark white concrete.

Recycled Glass Products (countertops) Vetrazzo - Amber has these and they are beautiful!

Bretagne Blue - Recycled Glass Products | Vetrazzo...Celebrate the land and sea with a mix that reimagines an azure coast with architectural “float-glass”, iridescent oyster shells and Georgia white marble.

Bretagne Blue - kitchen countertops - atlanta - by Vetrazzo

Vetrazzo recycled glass countertop in  Cubist Clear

VETRAZZO® CUBIST CLEAR - Designer Glass countertops from Vetrazzo® ✓ all information ✓ high-resolution images ✓ CADs ✓ catalogues ✓ contact.

Recycled Glass Fused Pottery PENDANTS

Large Cabinet Door Pulls in Modern & Rustic Shapes

Recycled Glass Products, Fused Glass Jewelry, Green Home Decor and Eco Friendly Gifts by Paloma Pottery

Vetrostone Quartz Kitchen Countertops, Fireplace Surrounds & Home Improvement Products | Granite Countertops

Vetrostone Quartz Kitchen Countertops, Fireplace Surrounds & Home Improvement Products

OMG! Our Vetrazzo Countertops are a completely GREEN product and GORGEOUS! this pic doesn't do it justice....just trust you'll find me meditating on the counter top....not levitating....but actually meditating!

Vetrazzo Countertop "Palladian Grey" Countertop Construction Resources INc.

Vetrazzo countertops are made from recycled glass.  The Millefori color uses waste product from stained glass manufactures.

Pictures of Recycled Glass Counters - BottleStone

Love this Vetrazzo Millefiori recycled glass countertop by Dorado Stone Distributors

Love these countertops - SKYE Vodka bottles! Repurposed!

Love these countertops

Vetrazzo Cobalt Skyy with Patina Kitchen and Bathroom Countertop Color

Vetrazzo recycled glass countertop. I have been looking at this product since it came out. I like the neutrals the best because it looks less busy.

Love the recycled glass countertop, white under mounted sink and faucet.