Quilled Fender Guitar

A memory box for tickets. Slit at the top to drop in more tickets as the years go on! Concerts, plane tix, movies, plays, etc

Quilled paper alphabet-I could prob do some of these

Paper Letters- Quilling - all white. create an entire wall of letters, words, quotes - magnificient

Guitars paper

This is a totally awesome guitar decoration! You'll just need some yarn, cardboard, paint, and some patterned paper to use for the main guitar shape. Perfect for the music-lover in the family.

How-To: “Soft” Rock Guitar | MAKE: Craft going to enlarge this, alter the pattern slightly and make it into an over the shoulder backpack. Going to use boning inside the handle with a little quilt batting to make it stand up. Might make it out of denim.

How-To: "Soft" Rock Guitar