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Brussels griffon Batman petit brabancon. I mean seriously, who WOULDNT want that cute face!?!

pug love - always wanted a black pug & love how they stick their tongues out all the time..

Crumpet the smooth-coat Brussels Griffon - they have a bunch of really cute & funny pictures of him too.

Keep calm and love huskies, thats what i do. I have spent hours doing research on my favourite dog, the Husky. There are many breeds of them, some used for showing and some used for sledding, these are amazing hard working dogs that need to be appreciated for what they were bred for, not just family pets kept in the back of your garden.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier - The Staffordshire Bull Terrier is a smooth-coated dog with great strength for his size. He is active and agile and comes in six color varieties: solid red, fawn, white, black, blue, or brindle. Today, he serves primarily as a family companion and is seen in the show, obedience and agility rings.