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Radiated Tortoise.turtles

3 Little Birds♥️

I wish I could get this portrait on my thigh

Tree Cat a true beauty


fledgings #owl

Sneaky squirrel

elephant love

worldofthecutestcuties: “ Cute baby owls. ” Are these real owls? They are just too cute.


✯ Owl Winters Wonderland ✯

Horse in motion- would love to photograph in the snow to show the power

The Airedale Terrier is good with children and loves to play. Due to its bravery, it also makes for an excellent watchdog. The Airedale Terrier is known to be stubborn and have an affinity for chasing smaller animals. Therefore, proper training is essential. Photo by Gareth Dawes.

Bat Cat

Chocolate cats are uncommon, because the gene that is associated with their lush mahogany coats is seen only in a small, select gene pool. All chocolate cats are descended directly from a single individual, a Havana Brown cat. The Havana Brown breed was created by crossing a black, blue, and color-point cats.

Dear God, Please help those humans have more compassion for the rest of Your creations.

me at every meal :)

Bring it on fall....

puppy taking a, he/she looks so sad..time for cuddles!!

A whole brood!

Polar bear love

From Westie Terrier

awww...unusual friendships