I personally can relate with this. I have a Learning disability that causes me to learn academics four years slower then my age. This does not mean I never learn, it just means that we need to work a little more & take a little longer to learn. But I promise you...you can & will make it. <3

"It shouldn't matter how slowly a child learns as long as we are encouraging them not to stop."- Robert John Meehan

food for thought!

it would be so nice if that was mandatory for college...you have to bust your ass to get there in school by getting good grades or by busting your ass to work to pay for college none of this handed on a silver platter i think the world would be better if the sucessful people were people MY children could look up to not people that were spoon feed and dont know what it is like to struggle

so true

EVERY child

Reflections from an Elementary School Principal: Encouraging a growth mindset

Words to remember...

Children learn as they play...

Great saying because it is so true


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Give Your Children Something Great to Imitate


Favorite Quotes / teacher

Teaching special needs students to dance can be the best day or career choice you ever make

100% true.