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25 Totally Clever Storage Tips and Tricks For The New Year

These 25 storage tips and tricks will get the ball rolling with clever tricks like using a walnut to get rid of scratches or storing bedding inside a pillowcase. Get 25 new totally clever storage tips and tricks.
  • Leonie Nijmeijer

    Magnets on the bottoms of plastic cups, inside muffin tins. Storage for kids craft supplies.

  • Melissa Bitter

    Muffin tin with plastic cups for an art supply caddy. Put magnets in the bottom of the cups to keep them from tipping. Excellent idea, especially for little hands and holiday crafts!

  • DeeDee Symington

    This is a great storage idea for kid's craft supplies... magnets at the bottom of the cups hold them firmly on the muffin pan. Genius!

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Muffin tin odds and ends holder - good for crafts and tools: Use muffin tins made from heavier gauge metal. Drill and countersink a 1/4-in. hole in the shelf top, so the top of the screw is flush with the shelf. Place 1/4-in. fender washers above and below the rim of the muffin tin. Tighten two nuts against each other on the underside so the threads won’t loosen.

Chore Chart made with wood, metal, and magnets. The pictures are perfect for little ones who don't read.

how to fold a fitted sheet - My Mother in law taught me how to do this when I was 20 years old.

Repinning because I recognize the second picture from the top. I can't remember which magazine it was in, but it's from several years ago and talked about painting a concrete drive to look like brick -- even had the paint "recipe." If real bricks aren't available, I might do this someday.

I'm soooo going to make these for Christmas presents!!! who doesn't like or need magnets!?!

13 ways to organize school and craft supplies -hanging buckets,soup cans or shoe organizer for pens, etc

Magnetic board from cookie sheets - in hot pink or your favorite color - cute!

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Faux Giant iPad Magnet Board via nicandkate: Made from a Walmart Oil Drip Pan. @Rebecca Silbermann: Elliot & Nora would love this. #Magnet_Board #Kids #nicandkate

art caddy. Would also be a good electronics caddy to transport all the kids' gadgets (iPhones, DSs, iPad, headphones, etc) when my purse is too small.

Self-watering planter made from recycled bottles. (I'd want to try this with a 2-liter plastic bottle, and cut the top off, so I could get the root system out intact for transplants.)