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Is my bunny happy?

I'm not sure what bunny prints look like, but awww!

Rabbits eat mainly carrots, right? Wrong! Carrots/fruit are high in sugar and should only be fed in small amounts as occasional treats.


The Dutch Rabbit care guide

A little sweet. Bunny wash

Easter Bunny

bunny nails www.tomaaurora.blogspot.ro

Sharing.......precious!!!! I am always sooo happy when i see the pins where the children are sharing life with the animals......so that they learn very early about taking care of them.....

Whoever says 'It's just a rabbit' has never loved a rabbit!

My name is Inigo Montoya. You picked my parsley. Prepare to die!

10 of the cutest things bunnies do http://best4bunny.com/rabbit-behaviour-10-cutest-things-bunnies/

Why yes...I would like a slice of banana! Silly rabbits....they really DO like bananas.

I had a dream I was taking care of a little girl who suddenly turned into a little white baby rabit!!!!

How to live with a free range rabbit

I am having a bad hair day

Professional Reindeer Impersonator

God gives me blessings, God doesn't have to come down a chimney at exactly midnight; he's everywhere at all times, and God is always nice to even the naughty boys and girls:))))

Tartan hat for your bunny rabbit Protect those by turvytopsy, $19.00

Emily and Waffle share an umbrella outside in the drizzling rain :). EMILY AND WAFFLE!!! Too cute!

Hetalia- names, for those who don't know about the human names ^-^ <<< or for those too lazy to make their own list. that would be me ^^