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How Much Of A Book Addict Are You?

How Much Of A Book Addict Are You? My quiz results: Congratulations! You are an active, healthy reader grounded firmly in reality. Are you addicted to the written word? Absolutely! But not so much that it worries your mother.

Bookish Problem The desperate urge to talk to complete strangers just because they're reading one of your favourite books. | Flirting Ecard

That Baby Face

Basically. Imo, it really all depends on how the pic looks, I mean, in some, he does look 25. U just need 2 really look at the pic to see his actual age.

Every Book A Surprise

Antiquarian BIBLIO-MAT book vending machine installed Oct 2012 at the MONKEY'S PAW Secondhand Bookshop. Toronto, Canada. Printed on the front of Biblio-Mat: "Every book a surprise. No two alike. Collect all 112 million titles. Deposit Here" I want one!

or when someone is talking off handedly about a character I am soo attached to...and I'm like "Hey, that one's my friend. Watch it." hahaha lol