Happens all the time...TV shows too. One reason I am thankful for smartphones. I can look it up right away!

Every time I cross the street after getting off the bus

So true

So true

So true.


:) I do this all the time

So me

All the time!!!!!

Every time.

My life. Explained in a list. I even head nodded.

That annoying moment when a package says "easy open" and you need scissors, a knife, a gun, and a light saber to open it... (Relatable Post #813)

Relatable Post




I do this all the time!

well how do i know the whole thing isnt wrong?? they are just black dots!!

dear god 7th grade...bad perm, big glasses and a sun burn...all photographed at the Piggly Wiggly

Multiple times!

Everyone's always trying to save your life, so I told them to chill out and bought lifesavers.