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It's funny because it's true...

Funny pictures about Mysterious disappearance. Oh, and cool pics about Mysterious disappearance. Also, Mysterious disappearance photos.

Nick and Jess from New Girl. This is me when I eat pizza, tortillas, chocolate, etc.

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No it should say "How my mom wraps present. How my dad wraps presents.

Ma whole life in a pie chart. <<< To me, I think fictional characters are WAYYYY more important than WiFi.

Hahaha oh my gosh the period cramps one, beside the language very accurate.

5 Types Of Injuries: How Bad It Looks VS Actual Pain Level… so TRUE! Period cramps and that motherfucking toe stub

it's. so. true. picture me running and sliding across the floor to my desk when my phone rings. all day, every day.

[Image: An inspiration poster style macro showing a pair of legs in jeans and a pair of feet in fuzzy pink socks above a wooden floor. The text reads: “Fluffy Socks: Comfort, Warmth, Sliding.

Me when I read this,"Wait this is how I am supposed to be when I'm on my period..." literally I just flow like Niagara Falls. Lol

omg I died laughing! this is awesome, and true. Kill them and eat their cookies! The Doctor Who one though.so true!

They grow up so fast. North West plane flies over Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

I have never seen anything that is more accurate to me

Funny pictures about Pretty Accurate Representation Of My Life. Oh, and cool pics about Pretty Accurate Representation Of My Life. Also, Pretty Accurate Representation Of My Life photos.

This is SO mean but honestly SO true

Funny pictures about The Asian aging process. Oh, and cool pics about The Asian aging process. Also, The Asian aging process photos.